Local Resources

This directory of resources will assist you in gathering valuable information about the area.

Travel - Book all your travel needs right here and help your local community at the same time!
This Month's Real Estate Update - Read about the real estate market, including information about trends in the LOCAL area. Click here for all the previous issues as well.
Daily Consumer News and Advice
Daily Consumer News and Advice - Keep up to the minute on real estate news.
Annandale Schools - Annandale School District 876
Becker Schools - Becker School District 726
Big Lake Schools - Big Lake School District 727
Buffalo Schools - Buffalo School District 877
Cokato Dassel Schools - Dassel Cokato School District 466
Delano Schools - Delano School District 879
Elk River Schools - Elk River School District 728
Foley Schools - Foley School District 51
Howard Lake Waverly Schools - Howard Lake Wavery School District 2687
Maple Lake Schools - Maple Lake School District 881
Monticello Schools - Monticello School District 882
Princeton Schools - Princeton School District 477
Rockford Schools - Rockford School District 883
School Information - free school profiles
St. Cloud Schools - St. Cloud School District 742
St. Michael Albertville Schools - St. Michael Albertville School District 885
State dept. of education - school reports, statistics, demographics....
Beth Hansgen: US Bank - Right in Monticello. Please, contact Beth Hansgen
Dominic DesMarais: Minnesota Mortgage Connection - Contact Dominic DesMarais for your mortgage needs.
Liberty Savings - Liberty Savings in Monticello and St. Cloud
Annandale State Bank - Get a loan at the Clearwater branch too!
One Mortgage - Jon Kern with One Mortgage does a great job at discussing the many options for your home loan and is a good listener to see which one will work best for you.
City/Township Government
Annandale City - City of Annandale
Becker City - City of Becker
Big Lake City - City of Big Lake
Big Lake Township - Township of Big Lake
Buffalo City - City of Buffalo
Clearwater City - City of Clearwater
Maple Lake City - City of Maple Lake
Monticello Chamber - Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Monticello
Monticello City - City of Monticello
Otsego City - City of Otsego
Silver Creek Township - Silver Creek Township is located between Monticello and Clearwater Township in Wright County.
St. Cloud City - City of St. Cloud
County/State Government
Minnesota DNR Website - Find information about lakes, parks, hunting, fishing, and many other topics of interest.
Morrison County -
New Mississippi River Crossing - The official web page for the new interregional connection of Interstate 94 and Highway 10 accross the Mississippi River.
Sherburne County - Sherburne County Minnesota
State of Minnesota - Official Minnesota website
Stearns County - Stearns County Minnesota
Wright County - Wright County Minnesota
Local Businesses
Coborns Groceries - Coborns Grocery Stores, Clearwater and many other locations.
Lumber and Building Supplies - Tri-County Lumber For all your building needs-- from new construction to home projects and repairs.
Modular Homes - Modular Homes, by Design Homes
Local News
Monticello Times - Monticello Times Newspaper
Newsmax - Get news without all the bias.
World Net Daily - Get news without all the bias.
Local Weather
Local Weather - forecasts, weather patterns, radars....
Weather - find weather info anywhere in the US
Mapquest - maps, driving directions, road trip planner....
More Important Stuff
Holy Bible - Read the most published and widely read book ever-- The Book inspired by God. Don't miss The Truth-- for this life and the next.
Know Jesus Christ Personally - Just as there are physical laws that govern the physical universe, so are there spiritual laws which govern your relationship with God.
Personal Words from Lance - What Really matters in life...
Who Controls You? - Who is in control of your life? Understand the different possibilities of how you are being directed.
Relocation Links
Monticello Real Estate - Yahoo! Real Estate offers a wealth of to help with every aspect of your move
Moving Center - Moving Estimates, Truck Rental, Moving Supplies and Storage
Official City Sites - find area info sites across the world!
US State Departments of Education - see the list of all 50 states
USPS' Movers Guide - help for planning and executing your move
Tax Information
First-time homeowners -
Homeowner deductions information -
How to report moving expenses -
Selling your home -
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